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  In order to meet the development trend of international and domestic exhibition industry, radiation and leading the province's economic development exhibition, in 2012, the Hunan provincial government decided to build Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, plans to use 3--5 years, the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center become an advanced facilities, fully furnished, first-class, world's most advanced set of exhibitions, conferences, business and other functions in one of the exhibition complex.
  The project is adjacent Liuyang River, a beautiful environment, with the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail station across the sea, is only 15 kilometers away from Huanghua International Airport. Hong Kong and Macao high-speed north-south, the airport highway, high-speed long lines, labor Road beltway and chip area, camphor and other urban trunk road connecting East and West, as well as four subway lines converge here, location and convenient transportation. Changsha city government has the project and the surrounding area of about 5.73 square kilometers of planning for the Convention Center complex functional areas.